Lawn & Garden

CB2730 - Compost Bin

Easy to use compost bin with natural aeration system, cover and pullout door

GST6302 - Potting Table With Storage

Multifunctional potting table makes gardening easier by creating an organized workstation, extra interior storage and stylish designer look for outdoor use

HGB4545 - Hexagonal Raised Garden Bed

Hexagonal raised garden bed simplifies gardening by segmenting plants and vegetables, protecting soil from erosion, and yielding greater harvests.

MG6116 - Mini Greenhouse

Outdoor, indoor Mini Greenhouse grows flowers and plants in a small space

PB20011 - Square Planter Box

Multi-functional classic square planter box

PB20012 - Rectangular Planter Box

Multi-functional classic rectangular planter box enhances any outdoor space

PB2021 - 3-Tier Planter Box

3-tier solid wood planter box for vegetables, herbs or blooms

PBB7821 - Wood Planter Bench

Wooden bench with backrest and two planter boxes enhance the look of your deck, porch or garden

PBS4224 - Potting Bench With Storage

Multifunctional potting table with storage creates an organized workspace and rustic designer look

PBS7117 - Wooden Stacking Plant Stand

Rectangular stacking plant stand for outdoor or indoor provides a cascading display

PS6111 - 3 Tier Plant Stand

3-tier indoor, outdoor plant stand for a combination of tall and other arrangement designs

PS6114 - 3 Tier A-frame Plant Stand

3-tier outdoor, indoor multifunctional A-frame plant stand

PS6116 - 6-Tier Wooden Pedestal Plant Stand

6-tier indoor, outdoor wooden pedestal plant stand

PS6117 - 7 Tier Plant Stand

7-tier plant stand adds dimension and visual variety to any outdoor space

PS6133 - 3-Tier Wooden Step Plant Stand

Decorative and functional 3-tiered wooden outdoor and indoor plant stand

PSL6871 - Wooden Ladder Plant Stand

Indoor, outdoor ladder plant stand with three shelves

QPS3826 -3-Tier Quarter Round Plant Stand

Three-tier quarter round plant stand transforms a corner space into a multi-functional and attractive focal point.

RGB4848 -3-Tier Raised Garden Bed

Easy to assemble, roomy, three-tiered raised garden bed provides depth for growing various deep-rooted plants and vegetables.

RPB6107 - Raised Planter Box

Raised planter box on legs creates an optimum gardening environment making your harvest plentiful and healthier

WA6204 - Arbor

Garden arbor instantly enhances the look of your yard and ads atmosphere, features classic design of two lattice panels with protective coating to increase weatherability

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