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Outdoor Storage


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DB4820 Deck Storage Box  
ELSS2003 Extra Large Storage Shed
FS6828 main FS6828 Firewood Shed
MSS6602 Medium Storage Shed
RSS2001 Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed
RSS2001L Large Horizontal Refuse Storage Shed
SB6024 Bench with Storage
TR6565 Patio Trash Receptacle
VSS3005 Vertical Storage Shed

Outdoor Furniture

Image Product SKU Product Name Images (Zip) Videos (Zip) Assembly (PDF) Warranty (PDF)
AC7105 Reclining Adirondack Chair With Pull-Out Ottoman
BS1536  Buffet Server With Cooler Compartment
CBN9884 main CBN9884 Cabana
CL7111 Chaise Lounge With Pull-Out Tray
DAB7842 main DAB7842 Daybed
DL6322 Wall Mounted Drop Leaf Table
FPTB7104 Convertible Picnic Table & Garden Bench
GTB1521 main GTB1521 Octagonal Gazebo with Table and Benches
HSWC115  Hammock Stand With Hammock & Canopy
HSWH202 Hammock Stand with Hammock
OB4727 Outdoor Bar With Storage
PFT12 Portable Folding Picnic Table Not Required
PS9662 Folding Patio and Garden Privacy Screen
SBWC402 Swing Bed with Canopy
SCU894 Swing Chair with Umbrella
SHSC628  Steel Hammock Stand With Hammock & Canopy
SHWC112 Square Hammock Stand With Hammock & Canopy
SLC102 Sling Lounge Chair
SLU135 Swing Lounge with Umbrella
SNBC403 Sunbed with Canopy
WSWC102 Wooden Swing Seater with Canopy

Lawn & Garden

Image Product SKU Product Name Images (Zip) Videos (Zip) Assembly (PDF) Warranty (PDF)
CB2730 Compost Bin
 CP3834 3 TierCascadingPlanter CP3834 3-Tier Cascading Planter
GST6302 Potting Table With Storage
HGB4545 main HGB4545 Hexagonal Raised Garden Bed
MG6116 Mini Greenhouse
MLP3232 MultiLevelPlanter MLP3232 Multi Level Planter
PB20011 Square Planter Box
PB20012 Rectangular Planter Box
PB2021  3-Tier Planter Box
 PBS3233 2 TierPlanterBox PB3233 2-Tier Planter Box
PBB7821  Wooden Planter Bench
PBS4224 Potting Bench With Storage
PBS7117  Wooden Stacking Planter
PS3627 5 TierPlantStand PS3627 5-Tier Plant Stand
PS3710 MultiTierPlantStand  PS3710 Multi Tier Plant Stand
PS6111 3 Tier Plant Stand
PS6114 3 Tier A-frame Plant Stand
PS6116  6-Tier Wooden Pedestial Plant Stand
PS6117 7 Tier Plant Stand
PS6133  3-Tier Wooden Step Plant Stand
PSL6871  Wooden Ladder Plant Stand
QPS3826 main QPS3826 3-Tier Quarter Round Plant Stand
RGB4848 main RGB4848 3-Tier Raised Garden Bed
 RPBG737 RaisedGreenHouse RPBG737 Raised Greenhouse
RPB6107 Raised Planter Box
 SPP3030 3 Tier Pyramid Planter SPP3030 3-Tier Pyramid Planter
WA6204 Arbor
 WGB4040 WheelGardenBed WGB4040 Wheel Garden Bed
WRP4118 WedgeRaisedPlanter  WRP4118 Wedge Raised Planter

Outdoor Cooking

Image Product SKU Product Name Images (Zip) Videos (Zip) Assembly (PDF) Warranty (PDF)
CWC4023 main CWC4023 Wooden Cooler-Warmer Cart
OKC158  Outdoor Kitchen Cart & Beverage Center With Fridge & Sink
PA7251 Two-In-One Seated Party Arbor—Barbeque Shelter
PS4224SS Outdoor Kitchen Prep Station
SSC1288 Stainless Steel Cooler Not Required



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Leisure Season Ltd is a premier manufacturer specializing in one-of-a-kind small format outdoor storage & outdoor living products made of decay resistant solid wood.

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